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Mini Cooper / Cabrio
Mercedes GLC Coupe Aut
VW T Roc Cabrio R Aut
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Mercedes Vito 110 Aut
Nissan Xtrail Aut
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Citroen C4 Electric
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Jeep Wrangler S Cabrio Aut
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Range Rover Evoque Cabrio
Range Rover Evoque
Jeep Wrangler 5Pax
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Peugeot 5008
Nissan Micra
Fiat Panda
Fiat 500

Renting a 6-7-9 seater car in Ibiza is the perfect solution for large groups and families who wish to explore the island in complete freedom. Our company offers a wide range of high-capacity vehicles that are perfectly suited to any travel needs, allowing all members of the group to enjoy the experience together.

Benefits of renting a 6-7-9 seater car in Ibiza

Renting a 6-7-9 seater car in Ibiza offers comfort and convenience for large groups and families, allowing all travellers to be together and facilitating the logistics of getting around. This option is economical by sharing rental and fuel costs, and provides the flexibility to explore the island without the restrictions of public transport, allowing visitors to enjoy the beaches, towns and nightclubs at their own pace.

The vehicles are equipped with the latest safety technologies and offer sufficient space to ensure a pleasant and safe journey for all passengers. In addition, our company’s commitment to exceptional customer service ensures that the rental experience is seamless from booking to return of the car, contributing to a memorable and worry-free stay in Ibiza.

Booking and Rental Process for 6-7-9 Seater Cars

At our company, we are committed to making your car hire experience in Ibiza as simple and comfortable as possible. Below, we explain how you can book and rent your 6-7-9 seater vehicle step by step:

Online Booking

1. Choose your Vehicle: Browse our selection of 6-7-9 seater cars online and choose the one that best suits the needs of your group or family.

2. Select the Dates: Indicate the dates and times of collection and return that you want.

3. Add Extras: Select any extras you need, such as child seats, GPS or additional insurance.

4. Fill in your details: Provide your personal information and contact details.

5. Confirm your Booking: Review your selection and confirm your booking. You will receive an email with your booking details and pick-up instructions.

Office Reservation

If you prefer a more personalised service or have specific needs, you can visit any of our offices in Ibiza to make your booking in person. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in choosing the right vehicle, answer your questions and make sure you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable journey in Ibiza.

Tips for Travelling in Groups or with Large Families in Ibiza

Travelling around Ibiza in a 6-7-9 seater car offers a unique and memorable experience for large groups and families. To ensure that your adventure is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible, here are some practical tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Be sure to book your vehicle well in advance, especially during the high season, to ensure availability of the car that best suits your needs.

  2. Safety First: Check that all passengers are wearing seat belts and that child/infant seats are correctly installed and appropriate for the age and weight of the children.

  3. Sun protection: Ibiza is famous for its sunny climate. Be sure to protect your group with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, especially if you plan outdoor or beach visits.

  4. Snacks and Entertainment: Bring healthy snacks and enough water to keep everyone hydrated. Also, consider bringing toys, books or electronic devices to keep children entertained during longer journeys.

  5. Regular Breaks: If you have a full day of activities planned, schedule regular breaks to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and allow everyone to get some rest from the trip.

  6. Explore with Flexibility: Take advantage of the capacity of your 6-7-9 seater vehicle to explore less crowded places and discover Ibiza’s hidden gems. The flexibility of having your own car allows you to tailor the trip to the interests and pace of your group or family.

By following these tips, your group or family will enjoy an unforgettable experience exploring Ibiza. The comfort and convenience of renting a large capacity car ensures that everyone can take part in the adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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